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I sometimes get letters asking if this is real . The answer is yes it is . it took me months of researching computer security an more months of effort to set up  system where i could safely do this . But i did it! i enlisted a friend who was a expert in computer security and he helped me to learn about bitcoin, encryption and all of the other things that i needed to know to keep my identity a secret and of course to keep my customers safe!

When i started this , i was looking to make a career change into something that really made a difference in the world . I have been in the position of not having any good source for quality weed or having ro deal with shady dealers No fun! Plus i know that marijuana is great medicine.Not only for pain relief and for specific conditions, but it is a great treatment for the daily stresses of modern life. So i get supply some great medicine to people and get paid for it  life is good!

I believe the prohibition of marijuana is itself a crime. Future generations will look back our time and wonder in astonishment why anyone would want to make a plant illegal.... especially one with a thousand uses like marijuana! I am very pleased to be able to offer best medical 420 weed and hash oil from California for sale such high quality strains of this amazing plant



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fly cannabis plant
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