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Shipping & Security

 I do offer interstate and worldwide shipping which is very SAFE-RELIABLE-DISCREET and give guarantee that your order will make it through customs in your country/state

Shipping within USA is discreet and overnight while delivery is next day service 

. All marijuana and other products is double vacuum packed before shipping making it completely odorless to ensure that it arrives safely to you door . My distribution crew is expert at making packages that blend in the rest of the mail .

. If your shipment does not arrive , i can provide you with proof of shipment and you are compensated but will give no refunds unless it is my error.

. Stuff is professionally wrapped no smell, no x-ray penetration and cannot be detected even with the ION scanner. Some are packaged into PlayStation or X-box cartons so buyers receive stuff as though receiving a newly ordered game.

.I also send customized packages (diplomatic sealed) which evade all custom checks. To avoid crushing, bud will come in small packages. many concentrates such as hash and amber glass can be mailed via flat envelope . This Envelope will be sipped via priority mail .  

I have perfected the way i ship to Australia, New Zealand and other high
risk and strong custom countries so i have a 99% shipping rate . I
ship discreetly, my  stealth makes it perfect for all packages to go
through any custom in the world. I double vacuum seal all packages and
place them in myler barrier bags, alcohol is used to clean the packages
several times in order to keep away the sniffer  dogs .

As stated above that i have a 99% shipping rate worldwide, this means that
only 1% of packages can be taken by customs or get missing, that's 1
package out of 100 packages, if that ever happens, I`ll do a 100% re-ship
at no extra cost . No refund if there's a failure delivery
because of wrong address and package is sent pack .



Security for My customers (and myself) is my TOP priority!