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Please Read This Section VERY Carefully Before You Place An !Order

Put in an order and i will provide more details about your selected payment method.

- Due to increase pressure from clients i accept the following  payment methods with Western union and Moneygram included  . This is so because your info is not disclosed for whatsoever reason and you use secure anonymous cashire information which cannot be traced by cops. I don't allow direct bank transfer , credit card to credit card or paypal because this type of business is categorized as "High Risk" business { Online Weed or Pharmaceutical business is categorized as high risk business } .Credit cards , paypal or direct bank wires do not provide services for high risk businesses nor any 3rd party merchant providers do . This is why western Union , MoneyGram , Itunes gift Cards and Bitcoins suits best for this business . 

Itunes Gift Cards :   Physical Itunes gift Cards are available in CVS Pharmacies all over USA . Clients are allowed to purchase   $25 , $50 and $100 cards only . All you need to do is , purchase physical Itunes gift cards worth your package order and get back to me with clear pictures . This method often works on strictly first deals since our regular clients can now pay Cash On Delivery .


With Bitcoin , Any client who wishes to make payment via bitcoin is allowed to request for a BTC receiver address  . For those who are new to it , we have listed some details and steps to buy bitcoin online using credit cards and debit cards  CLICK HERE .......