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Frequently Asked Questions


A. Yes. If you place an order you will get a tracking number and further receive high-quality delivered safely to your mailbox or front door via FedEx or UPS and Local hookups. I have many happy clients across USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.


A. I have been operating for over 20 years and have never once had a client get arrested or have any police problems. I also don’t keep any incriminating long-term records. I work to ensure your safety, but remember to be discreet on your end as well.


A. Almost all orders are shipped within 1-2 business days . Standard mail can take from 2-3 business days to reach you, depending on where you live. So your order should reach you within 3 business days maximum. (Add another 1-2 days if you’re in a very remote area.)


A. My packaging is top discreet and nondescript. Everything is sent vacuum sealed and there is no smell. I use various fake return addresses, and my packages blend in with all the other mail.


A. I ship larger amounts than those listed on the site. I provide cannabis products for personal, recreational and for businesses as well.


A. No. I only take BITCOINS and Itunes Gift Cards or other discrete payment options at the moment. OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE COURSE OF THE YEAR.


A. No. I do strain request limits for bud as follows:

28g = 4 strains max

56g = 8 strains max

Will Cannabis Oil cure my Cancer?

I sure hope so! There is a huge amount of research that suggests it can or at least slow its progress, but there is no guarantee. Take a look at my Resources / Links page, there is a lot of good information available there.

How do i get Cannabis Oil out of the syrings it comes in?

There is black cap screwed onto the end of the syringe to prevent leakage. It may be difficult to unscrew the first time because the oil is thick and sticky. Run some hot tap water over the end of the syringe and the cap should unscrew easily. Carefully push the syringe plunger to dispense the oil. Be careful not to dispense too much oil because it will come out quickly now that the oil has been warmed up.

How do i know you guys are legitimate and and your products are what you present them to be?

We are a fairly new business and establishing a good reputation takes time. We work hard at pleasing our customers by providing them with quality products at fair prices and fast shipping. If we disappoint customers the word will get around quickly and we’ll be out of business, we don’t want that, we want your repeat business! Take a look at what some of our customers are saying here on our testimonials page.

How quickly do you ship orders?

I ship the same or next business day depending on when i receive your payment .

What is the recommended dosage of Cannabis Oil for treating cancer?

One pound of bone-dry marijuana buds will usually produce about 2 ounces of high-grade cannabis oil. This amount of oil will cure most serious cancers (according to Rick Simpson); the average person can ingest this amount in about three months. This oil is very potent so begin treatment with small doses. A drop of oil about half the size of a grain of rice, two to four times a day is a good start. After four or five days, start increasing your daily dosage very gradually. As time goes on the body builds a tolerance to the oil and more and more can be taken. In cases where people are in a great deal of pain, I recommend that their dosage be quickly increased until it kills the pain. High quality cannabis oil will stop pain even when morphine is not effective. The oil can be applied to external injuries for pain relief in minutes.

Do you get your products Lab Tested?

Yes, i lab test my products and the results are posted on my web site for your inspection.

Marijuana and Cannabis Oil are still illegal where i live. How can i obtain your Oil?

Please contact me to discuss your situation.

I live outside the U.S. and i need Cannabis Oil to treat my condition. Can you help?

Please contact me to discuss your situation.

What if i am not satisfied with my purchase, can i return what i ordered?

Upon receiving your order, If you discover that the goods are faulty or package has been tampered with, please notify me by email or telephone within 2 days of receiving them. You must quote your order ID number, parcel tracking number, brief product description and state your reason for return. You shall then be instructed on how to return the goods . All such products must be returned in their original packaging, in an unused, resalable condition.
Following inspection  and verification that goods are defective, You will be contacted with an offer of either a full refund, replacement or exchange of your order depending on your preference

How do i determine the dosage size?

Determining the correct dosage for a person is a fairly simple process but it does require some patience and experimentation.

1. Start SMALL. Let me repeat myself, start with a very small amount, about one drop of warmed up oil. If a person takes too much in the beginning they may not like the way it makes them feel and may not want to continue with the treatment, so START SMALL!

2. Our cannabis oil is packaged in disposable plastic syringes. At room temperature cannabis oil is very thick and can be difficult to push out the syringe. Here’s what you do . . . boil a cup of water. Let the water cool just a bit then place the syringe into the very hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes. The cannabis oil will become very thin and runny as it heats up. The warmer the oil the smaller you can get the oil drops coming out the end of the syringe.

3. Some people do not like the taste of cannabis oil, others don’t mind it at all. I have some patients tell me it irritates the back of their throat. Here’s another suggestion . . . take a small piece of white bread and flatten it out with your finger. Put one small drop of oil on the bread. Fold the sides over the oil drop to make a bread dough ball. Pop it in your mouth and swallow it with a gulp of water.

4. It can take 1 – 3 hours to feel the effects of cannabis oil. Assess the patient's feelings. Do they feel strange, high, anxious, nervous, happy? These are all possible feelings or they may feel nothing at all. Here is where the experimentation comes in. Depending on how the patient feels from ingesting one small drop of cannabis oil, adjust the next dose slightly up or slightly down. Remember, the hotter the oil in the syringe, the smaller you can make the drops of oil you dispense out the syringe.

Some patients stay home all day and rest, others must go out and get things done. Depending on your situation, adjust the amount you ingest at different times of the day. You may want to take a larger dose just before bedtime so you don’t really feel the effects. After breakfast you may want to take a very small dose so your daily activities aren’t impacted from feeling too buzzed.

5. Once you have determined the dosage the patient is comfortable with you can make up a bunch of doses all at once. Empty gel capsules work great for this and are available at most health food stores or online. Heat the oil up as described in #2 above. Put the number of drops you desire into the bottom of the empty capsule then put the top on, done. Now make up a bunch more. If you put just one drop in each capsule then you could take 2 or 3 at bedtime and maybe just one mid-day to keep the THC level up in your system.

6. Keep notes. Like any good experiment, notes on what you have done and the results are valuable information, write them down in your cannabis oil journal. Keep track of the potency of the oil you are using and the dose size and how it made you feel. Soon, a dose that once made you feel rather high may not have much of an effect on you. This happens as your tolerance to the THC increases.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please don’t hesitate  to Contact Us

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