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Cannabis Concentrates,Weed wax,Shatter,marijuana

Fly Cannabis Online Shop offers a variety of marijuana concentrates to her patients. Concentrates are condensed cannabis medicine with very little plant matter, making them a safe and healthy alternative method of in-taking medicine. Every type described below can be vaporized, baked into edibles, infused into topical or smoked alone or with cannabis flowers.

 I always make sure that i'm  fully stocked on connoisseur-grade concentrates. All are held to the same stringent set of Fusion Medication Standards and are extremely potent. I carry the strongest, most effective, Connoisseur Grade, oils, hashes, and other products.

 Cannabis concentrates come in several forms, including hash (which can be extracted with ice water or ethanol), butane honey oil (extracted with butane then purged) and more.

BHO Wax 

  Some excellent quality waxy BHO oil for the price. , made with high-grade butane, and fully purged and cured. Made from mixed strains

3 Kings Wax(Indica) .........1gram =$40

Amber Glass...................1gram =$50

Barry White Oil...............1gram =$40

Blue dream crystals......1gram =$20

Dabber Delight CBD Oil...1gram =$40

Dabber Delight Indica......1gram =$20

Dabber Delight Sativa......1gram =$20

G.S.C. Amber Glass...........1gram =$35

G.S.C. Crystals...............1gram =$20

Ganesh Wafer..................1gram =$30

GDP WAX.......................1gram =$40

Headband Kief.................1gram =$20

Hindu Kush Wax................1gram =$40

Jurassic Park Amber........1gram =$45

OG Kush Crystals..............1gram =$20

Oil Special...................1gram =$20

Pixie Sticks..................1gram =$30

Platinum Cookies Oil........1gram =$40

Pure Gold Indica..............1gram =$40

Pure Gold Sativa..............1gram =$40

Purple Afgoo Pressed K....1gram =$20

Sky Rockets...........1gram =$40

Royal Kush Wax Crumble

Royal Kush Wax, Potent hybrid effects in a crumbled form.  

A gram cost $40

 Super sour diesel full melt

High potency sour diesel hash great sativa high 

A gram cost $30


Pre-rolled joint filled with high grade purple, dipped in hash oil, kief, and high grade shake

Feel: body high

Genetics: indica

A gram cost $40

 Shiva Crystals

Concentrated trichromes isolated through a water purification process. A Bay Area brand that's a consistent crowd pleaser.

Genetics: Blended.

THC: 46.60 CBD: 1.40 


 Skywalker OG Clear Concentrate

Clear, bright color with an excellent aroma and strong, yet smooth OG flavor, this concentrate will relax your body and your mind!

THC: 81.60 CBD: 1.60 CBN: 1.20

A gram cost $50

Girl Scout Cookie x Cherry Pie Amber Shatter

A very strong sativa shatter combining the legendary Sativa Girl Scout Cookie with the relaxing body effects of the Cherry Pie .


5 grams = $250

 Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter - Sweet Candy aroma, this shatter is guaranteed to brighten anyone’??s day. Soft and malleable, but still snaps apart easily when cooled. Large lung expansion and a smooth bold taste that doesn’t burn the nose on the exhale. Helps with anxiety and puts very euphoric thoughts in your mind. 

5 grams = $240

 Blue Dream Earwax

Sativa hybrid. Uplifting your mood while decreasing pain, Blue Dream is a great daytime concentrate.

THC: 71.10 CBD: 1.00

A gram cost $40

 S.S.D. Wax

Super Sour Diesel, Mellow and euphoric Sativa.

THC: 64.00 CBD: 1.30

A gram cost $40

 concentrates fly cannabis oil online

White Fire OG Shatter 

This is a beautiful indica-dominant shatter. While more of a pull n' snap consistency, both of these varieties are very terpy and potent.

4 grams = $220

7 grams = $380

14 grams = $720

fly cannabis oil online wax

Holy Grail OG Wax 

A wonderfully citrus and pine smelling Indica Wax, made from award winning strain of pure Kush. Very high potency, great for treating pain, nausea and depression and lifting the mood.

4 grams = $220

7 grams = $380

14 grams = $720

fly cannabis oil online shatter

Buddha’s Dream Wax 

A sativa dominant blonde wax that holds a sweet bouquet of candy and fruits. Users can expect a calming cerebral effect that will leave them stress free and euphoric, similar to Blue Dream wax

4 grams = $220

7 grams = $380

14 grams = $720

fly cannabis oil online weed wax

Elderberry OG Wax 

A berry flavored strain with excellent sativa and indica properties. Gives an awesome relaxing high without the knock down punch from straight indicas.

4 grams = $220

7 grams = $380

14 grams = $720

C-4 Wax 

 An indica dominant blonde wax whose fruity aroma is highlighted by a thick, earthy tones that mixes with flavors of pine and citrus. Its deep, relaxing effects are recommended to those battling depression and anxiety.

5 grams = $220

7 grams = $380  

14 grams = $720

Girl Scout Cookie shatter 

 Delicious shatter hybrid! Get your hands on some of these dabs while they last. While more of a pull n' snap consistency, both of these varieties are very terpy and potent.

5 grams = $250

7grams = $380

14 grams = $720

BHO Vape Pen Oil 

BHO mixed with a small bit of glycerine making it ideal for vape pens. Specify Strain: Bluedream or Mango x OG Pineapple x Casey Jones. Specify grampule or cartridge. 

5grams cost $290

7 grams = $400

14 grams = $740

Flavored BHO Vape Pen Oil 

 BHO cannabis oil mixed with glycerine. Comes in 3 flavors: Blue Violet, Night Blooming Jasmine and Vanilla. Tastes great!  Specify grampule or cartridge.


5 grams = $250 

10 grams = $450

Sour OG CO2 Extracted Vape Oil 

 Vape Oil in 500mg  510 thread cartridges. Made from Topshelf Sour OG Bud Run . Good stuff! This is very high grade, not butane filtered and made or processed in a machine.   

3 Cartridges = $160

Spliff CO2 Vape Pen Oil 

75% CO2 / 25% Certified Organic, Additive Free Tobacco Vape Juice. Specify grampule or cartridge. 


5grams = $200 

10grams = $380

Spliff BHO Vape Pen Oil 

75% BHO / 25% Certified Organic, Additive Free Tobacco Vape Juice. Specify grampule or cartridge.

5grams = $240 

10grams = $420

Flavored C02 Vape Pen Oil –

C02 cannabis oil mixed with glycerine. Comes in 3 flavors: Blue Violet, Night Blooming Jasmine and Vanilla.


5 grams = $300 

10 grams = $550

Ways of Consuming Marijuana Concentrates

Inhalants are still the most commonly used method for consuming marijuana extracts. You can mix most with herb and smoke it as you normally would with flower; however, they often burn at different speeds and temperatures. While you can smoke on bowls, joints and blunts, these methods don't reach the optimal vaporization point for THC.

Vaporizing is one of the healthiest methods for inhaling marijuana extract. You can vaporize almost any form , such as kief and hash, excluding edibles. A variety of vaporizers are sold at dispensaries and head shops all over. You can purchase disposable concentrate cartridges at many dispensaries specially designed to attach to portable vaporizers -- known as vape pens. Vaporizers are specifically manufactured to heat THC to the optimal vaporization point so you can experience the purest high without unnecessary waste or toxins.


Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for consuming marijuana extracts. Special dab rigs provide all of the native attachments necessary to "dab" or "dunk." You can also purchase bong and water pipe attachments at most head shops that replace the bowl with a "skillet" or "hash nail." To dab, heat up the skillet using a torch, drop the extract onto the heated glass surface and then inhale the smoke through the chambers of the bong or rig. Dabbing burns it at temperatures very close to THC's vaporization point -- making dabs one of the healthier smoking methods. However, dabbing often results in a very intense high, so we recommend only those who are veterans with marijuana to try this specific method.


You can find concentrate bowl attachments for bongs and bubblers in most head shops or dispensaries. Place the hash at the bottom of the extract bowl and then heat it using a stick, known as a glass wand, which vaporizes it upon contact. Glass wands are just one form of the burning tools used for smoking out of bowls. Other heating methods fail to vaporize efficiently, which causes combustion and carcinogenic smoke. These alternatives include soldering irons, butane lighters and hemp wicks. While hemp wicks don't vaporize, they can help you avoid the harmful chemicals released from butane lighters.